3 Important things to know about Neem Face Mask

3 Important things to know about Neem Face Mask

Hello beauties,

Today I am basically going to talk about the benefits of neem, benefits of Neem Face Mask and why is it so popular in clay masks or over face masks and moisturizers. Neem is very well known for its anti-bacterial properties. It soothes and also protects our skin as well as helps in controlling and recurrence of acne and pimples.


Natural benefits of Neem:

  1. Using neem water regularly helps in the clearing of acne. It acts as a skin toner which not only clears acne but also clears scars, pigmentation, and blackheads.
  2. If you make a homemade face mask in your home with neem along with rose water, this mask will help in lightening skin blemishes.
  3. Neem is also famous for its moisturizing properties. It adds great moisture to your skin when used with cream or as a property in cream.
  4. It also helps in reducing pigmentation and acts as a moisturizing agent. If used as a paste it also helps in treating dark circles.
  5. Washing your face with nee water soothes your skin and protects your skin from bacterial properties.

The benefit of Neem in Oriflame’s Love Nature Face Mask:

  1. The refreshing clay mask with the properties of neem benefits your skin from clogged pores.
  2. It also improves the skin texture
  3. Draws out the impurities and excel oil from the skin.
  4. Facing problem with dull skin? This clay mask brings back the life to your dull skin.
  5. Hydrates your skin.

It gives care to your skin to balance oilier areas and hydrates dry patches.Neem Face Mask

How to use the Love Nature Clay Mask Neem?

Before applying the clay mask, I would suggest you rinse your face well. As you are going to try the neem based clay mask, you should start with cleansing your face with a face wash. Love Nature Face Wash Neem is the best suited as it has anti-bacterial properties to gently wash away your dull skin at first. Then you can apply the clay mask. Apply on your cleansed face avoiding the eye area. Leave it for 10 long minutes and rinse off well. Once you do this, to keep the freshness intact, you can coat your face with Love Nature Face Moisturizer. This quickly absorbs into the skin leaving your skin, fresh, hydrated and soft.

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