About me

My journey with Oriflame started in 2010 and it’s almost seven years.

Playing two important roles in life as of a housewife and entrepreneur is challenging but not so difficult.

Before Oriflame my sole job was to manage my house, taking care of my children and fulfilling everyday needs of my life.  I was happy and didn’t have grief in my heart.

But an individual’s desire to explore new opportunities never ends. And suddenly an opportunity knocked my door which was Oriflame.

I can honestly say joining Oriflame was the turning point of my life. I gained a lot of knowledge, confidence, glamour, beauty with extraordinary charm and power to face new challenges.

So far its seven years and Oriflame gave me several pride moments. I was awarded in 2013 as a fastest growing leader in India.

I took a step forward by realizing my dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur from a housewife. I not only strive to achieve new heights and make a difference for myself but also keen help others to achieve their dreams too.

So work on your dream with me and make it a reality.

Contact me or write to me at bagreeshruti@gmail.com