Hello beauties,

We always tend to protect our skin by applying Sunscreen lotion to perfect foundation, keeping yourself tan-free

is what we all ladies have mastered; the art of make-up. This is what makes us

special and all-rounder in everything. We are keen about each and every bit of

our lives. I was wondering we take so much care of our skin and face, how can we

forget about lips! Which woman is the world, doesn’t have a fetish for ALL-IN-ONE Lipstick

from Oriflame.

5-IN- 1 COLOR STYLIST lipsticks

Every one of us is very much in love with the different shades which contemporize

with our outlook. From matte to glossy to nudes, it is just we love to enhance

ourselves with colors. So ladies, we have brought to your some amazing shades of

5-IN- 1 COLOR STYLIST lipsticks from THE ONE LIP SENSATION series.

The formula of the lipsticks is soft, smooth and creamy. They are applied easily

and slide over your lips like a dream. They can be applied using a lip brush or

directly from the bullet. These lipsticks are very moisturizing as they are enriched

with Mango and Cocoa butters and also you don’t feel the need to apply a lip

balm before apply the lipstick. On application of the lipstick, you will gradually

feel your lips to be soft and moisturized. The pigmentation is superb and provides

accurate deep effect in just few swipes. They can be applied sheer or dark as per

your taste. You can always layer them up for a more sensational effect.

The lipstick provides full coverage and is a best bet for those who have heavy

pigmented lips. They replenish your creases and make it appear smooth. The

finish of the lipsticks is smooth, even and sleek. The lipstick has a long-lasting

power. Even after your daily working, they start fading leaving behind a beautiful

tint. Thus you need not to worry about looking for your lips whether the lipstick is

smudged or removed. It stays till your remove it with lipstick remover.

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