Brew your own Summer Refreshments

Brew your own Summer Refreshments

Summers, the season which is exciting for seasonal fruits, vegetables, hang out with friends and long vacations. At the same time, this year seems to be the hottest. Honestly, this harsh and scorching heat has almost sunken me up. And specially being a working lady, it is pretty tough to take care and follow an apt routine to take care of myself.  But then, if this summer is harsh and kinky, I have a wonderful gloss to stay hydrated, fresh and also staying in proper shape. You must be wondering what could me it! Well honestly, as it is the season of lip-smacking fruits why not combine it to intake all the nutrients at one go with excellent taste. I can see that smirk on your face beauties, yes, the answer is Detox water.

It is always advised to intake water in large quantity in this weather not only to keep yourself hydrated and fresh but also it is a big part of your muscles, and energy build up. Consuming detox water helps you to lose weight as well as helps flush your body of toxins. At the same time, it tastes Succulent.

Let’s not waste time on blabbering and show it to you some amazing detox water you can make at home and consume:

Slim Down Detox Water

You must be wondering why such a name. Well the ingredients used water has numerous benefits which will help you stay in shape and stay hydrated. The tartness of the lemons is balanced with the unique, mellow taste of the cucumbers, and the sweetness of the grapefruits helps add a nice element of flavor.  It is the healthy dose of Vitamin C, which is full of antioxidants and has many amazing health benefits, including protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.


  1. ½ gallon of purified water
  2. ½ lemon sliced
  3. ½ grapefruit, sliced
  4. One cup cucumber

Watermelonand Strawberry Mint Detox water

As it is the season of watermelon, I am frantically in love with the ingredients used. Consuming Watermelon, taste delicious, it has a lot of great health benefits including: it helps lower blood pressure, improved insulin response and alleviates muscle soreness. Strawberries are filled with wonderful antioxidants, making this drink a nutritional powerhouse.


  1. 4 cups watermelon, cut into small piece and lightly smashed
  2. ½ pint strawberries , cut into halves
  3. 6 mint leaves (lightly crushed)
  4. And water in accordance to the quantity

Classic Cucumber Water

When it comes to detox water, Cucumber Water is the king of them all. Cucumbers contain a lot of healthy benefits, including vitamins, flavonoids, and other healthy compounds that fight inflammation, protect your brain health, and even freshens your breath.Classic Cucumber Water


  1. 1 medium cucumber
  2. cleaned
  3. peeled(or unpeeled depending on your preference)
  4. cut into 1/2 inch slices

When it comes to water and weight loss, the two go hand in hand. Drinking water helps increase your metabolism, firm and clear your skin and promote a healthy digestive tract. Consume the recipe given, I am sure you are going to be much fit, healthy and hydrated this summer.

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