A complete Foot Care guide to put your best Foot Forward

A complete Foot Care guide to put your best Foot Forward

Hello beauties,

It has become a routine for us to take care of our skin and health. But tell me something. When did you spend at least 15 minutes from your daily routine to take care of your feet? Now you do keenly notice at your feet. The skin there might get dry or cracked up, then your heels get harsh and the skin hardens. Now you know the soap and the wash haven’t been kind to your sensitive skin. The feet bear the entire body weight and also been through cracks and pains. But today, I have crafted A complete Foot Care guide to put your best Foot Forward.

The Steps to Foot Care are:

  • Soak them up:

    Lukewarm water is the best remedy to relaxation of your feet. There are homemade ways to take care of your feet which are easy and inexpensive. All you have to do is soak your feet in lukewarm water for 5-10 minutes. The best thing to do is soak your feet with Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Foot Soak. Turn on your favorite series or spend time sipping your coffee and experience the lemony feel in your feet.

 Foot Care

  • Scrubbing:

    It might be tough for you to gather pumice stone to scrub your feet. The easiest solution is to get the Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Foot Scrub. Gently exfoliate the scrub on your feet. With the richness of nettle and lemon in it, the scrub helps you to get rid of cracked heels or the harshness of your heels. So all you have to do is massage and rinse properly for few minutes.

 Foot Care

  • Cuticle Softener:

    The next step is to push back the cuticle to make your feet look pretty. Use Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Cuticle Softener on your nail cuticle and rub slowly. Push the cuticle behind with the help of an applicator. This makes your feet and specially the nails look clean and pretty.

  •  Foot massage:

    After scrubbing, your next step is to moisturize your feet to lock their softness. Apply Oriflame’s Nature Secrets Foot Massage Cream and give a good time message to your feet. The cream’s intense moisturizing property helps your feet to nourish and repair your skin. It moisturizes the skin very well without being sticky or oily. The amazing smell of nettle and lemon properties is more alluring as well as healthy for your feet. You can also message with the cream every night to see effective results.

 Foot Care

Tips by the beauty consultant – Using the product, I have myself experienced exemplary results.  Your feet will experience a soothing effect. Even the skin looks soft and fresh. Put your best foot forward with a little love and care from this 4-piece pedicure kit. Take care of your feet all by your own self. Now you can flaunt your gorgeous feet. Paint your nails with the best of the colors and slip into your strappy sandals.

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