Create the perfect look for your workplace with a beauty advisor

Create the perfect look for your workplace with a beauty advisor

Hello beauties,

As a beauty advisor ,I have been going through a lot of working ladies who are always in hurry to reach there workplace on time or maybe before time.(Like always we ladies love to be punctual in any situations) Coming to that, office looks should always be competent and professional. And you have to strike a perfect balance to stand out of the crowd. So today we are going to talk about the best of the office look for your workplace. Before starting on to the look, I want you to keep few things in mind for your office makeup look.

Simple Rules for office makeup:

  1. The look should not be over the top. Just look simple yet classy.
  2. As you are always in hurry to reach the office, the time to get ready should be less consuming.
  3. Go for light colors. Keep dark ones for the night. Choose the colors in such a way that makes your stand out of the crowd as well as people admire your charming outlook.

How to create the look for your office:

  • Start with cleansing:

Before application of any cosmetics, make sure your face is cleansed properly. Wash your face so that your face can hold the makeup for a longer time. Use cleanser or face wash to clean your face and remove the dead skin cells. Pat it dry with a towel.

  • Enhance your Face:

Your office look should be minimal yet eye-catchy. Yes, you head me right! Apply a perfect blend of CC cream on your face. Apply Giordani Gold CC Cream on your face. This is all-in- one make up cream with foundation base that does not allow your face to look cakey or over-done. It gives intense moisturisation and lasts longer. Also, it has SPF property so you do not need to apply sunscreen before it. If you still have dark circles or blemishes problem, then apply Concealer in the small amount. Oriflame’s The ONE IlluSkin Concealer perfectly hides your dark circles and blemishes. Also using this product in small amount does wonder to your skin. To keep it intact just brush your face with a face power.

  • Give your Cheeks a Shiny Flush:

Post the base makeup, it’s time to give shine to your cheeks. I am not saying you to give a pink flow to your cheeks that would look too much. Use Oriflame’s The ONE IlluSkin Blush in a lighter tone to highlight your cheeks. It will make you look brighter and even more awake.

  • Do not Highlight your eyes:

If you’re fond of Kohl, go for Oriflame’s The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil. Just underline a stroke through your under an eye and you are good to go. Also, you can just put on Oriflame’s Very Me Soft N’ Glam Eye Shadow. Always enhance your eyes with the lighter colors and retouch it with Oriflame’s Mascara. This gives a nice definition to your eyes. And Ta-da, you’re done with your eye makeup.

  • Comfort your lips with super colors:

The last part of your make up look is your lipstick. Highlighting your lips means your whole face is brightened. Make your lips fuller by first outlining your lips with a lip liner and evenly filling it with Oriflame’s The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick. Coming in 6 lovely shades,  this lipstick is long wearing with the luminous satin finish. It makes your lips soft as weel as has feather-light texture. In addition to everything, the color stays for a long time.


Finally, a formal dress with a simple jewelry and you are good to go. Presto! Slash your favorite fragrance, and you are ready to look immaculate and rock your day!

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