You don’t need any experience to Work

You don’t need any experience to Work

Well every one of us wants to work. Whether you are in college or a housewife, being independent is something which all of us want. You always want to create your identity. But somehow, every job you want to try or opt for needs an educational background as well as good experience to earn a good amount of money.  With Oriflame, you get a huge scope to build up your career. Oriflame is here not to ask your qualifications or experience. Oriflame is here to bring out the best in you and also helps you set up your own business career.

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Joining Oriflame is completely no-obligation; you can choose exactly how you earn money with Oriflame and how many hours you want to go! This is your own business – whether it be a one-hour-a-week extra income or something more full time. Have you ever recommended a book or a movie to someone? It is that simple! The personal approach to selling allows customers to buy from someone they know, like and trust. Many Oriflame Consultants say that they don’t feel like they are actually selling. This is so because “the catalogue and Oriflame Online store sell for them”. You don’t need any sales experience. In fact, most Consultants have never worked in sales before. Simply show the catalogue, share your positive experience with the products and ask for their orders. Becoming an Oriflame Consultant, you are entitled to have a discount on catalogue prices.

How Can You Succeed With Oriflame?

  1. BE CONSISTENT – You should be consistent with your work with Oriflame. At least spend your regular time for your business. Work for your business for at least 5 to 6 hours every week.
  2. TREAT IT LIKE YOUR OWN BUSINESS – Though you are entitled to set up your own business, you need to treat Oriflame as your very own business. This means you need your own business plan. You need to focus on activities that produce revenue. This includes prospecting, joining under one’s team, training your own team, conducting small party plans, etc.
  3. RECRUIT CONSULTANTS – As your team grows, your earnings will also grow and you’ll qualify for free trips to exotic destinations and many other rewards. For those serious about earning with Oriflame, this is essential. Invite others to join Oriflame and build a team of Consultants, you’ll earn commission from the sales of Oriflame Consultants in your team.
  4. USE THE PRODUCTS – You need to use Oriflame products too. In simple words, do not use competitor products. Get your own products at discount rates. Always be your own best customer.
  5. GET LOTS OF Customers – Every business needs customers. You should share the catalogue and attend social gatherings to attract people to get indulged with Oriflame Products.
  6. STICK WITH YOUR COMMITMENT – Every business takes time to build up. Indeed you will be

able to make money for months. But to stand up independently, in the long run, you need tokeep your commitment and stay for years to make it happen.

keep your commitment and stay for years to make it happen.

Need Work

Build Your Own Business

By developing a team you earn a percentage of the total sales of that team. The Oriflame Success Plan outlines all financial benefits of your future career. As you reach higher levels in the Oriflame Success Plan, you will earn additional rewards for your professional achievements. That is not all. By moving up the Success Plan, you will be able to build your dream lifestyle with opportunities we offer to travel the world, attend beauty conferences and training events, meet new people and earn rewards. As your own boss, it is only you who gets to decide how far you want to go. You determine your goals, how many hours you want to work, and who do you want to have in your team. Oriflame’s Success Plan offers unlimited opportunities with no risk, the success and earnings depend on your willingness to work hard and achieve it.

Build Your Own Business

You are your own boss. Oriflame has unique business concept – Make money today and fulfill your dreams tomorrow. You can start making money the same day you join and build your own business for tomorrow.

Don’t just take my words. You do not require any sort of experience or qualification to make money or build up your own career. I’m here for you to guide you through the best possible way where you get to earn money just by sitting at home. Join under me and get to experience how your lifestyle changes with time. Be your own boss. Look beautiful, Make Money and Have Fun.

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