Father’s Day Special- Pamper him with a special gift kit

Father’s Day Special- Pamper him with a special gift kit

Hello beautiful Daughters,

As Father’s Day is coming soon,  I have decided to write it for all of you ladies who are still the little girl to their father. You might be confused on what to gift or not on  this Father’s Day. Well, I have brought for you a special gift kit which you can gift your father without any hesitation. Why only we women will only have to take care our skin. This Father’s Day let your daddy cool pamper himself with your gifts.

I have basically have thought of an overall gift basket type thing or you can wrap it up with colorful wrappers. Let’s look into how to gift the things you father can get himself pampered with.

1.Perfumes are BIG YES.

fathers day special

Going for big events and official parties, perfume is a must have in every man’s closet apart from getting best dressed. Searching for loads of fragrance, Possess Man Eau de Toilette is one of the best by Oriflame. The clash of fresh Laurel Oil and unripe Grapefruit scent with intoxicating Orris captures Spartacus’ indomitable spirit. Heading for his office or even for an official event, this perfume suits the best. Coming to attending parties or official meeting in high-class places or among a guest gathering, Men’s Collection Dark Wood Eau de Toilette goes well. It is elegant and mysterious. The fragrance of the perfume relies on the warm and masculine signature of guaiac wood to deliver its earth and strong aura.

2.Get him pampered from the harshness of the outside heat

Image result for north for men face wash and scrub



Working out such a long day tirelessly, your father too needs to get his skin and face pampered. Gift him Oriflame’s North for Men Face Wash & Scrub that will not only clean his skin but also removes all the impurities for a lighter complexion.




3.A Shaving Gel

Nothing is better than this. Of course, he has to shave but to prevent from that harshness on his face, gift him Oriflame’s North for Men Shaving Gel that contains glide-tech technology for a smoother shave. And this will cause less irritation on the face.

4.Make him look the best

Along with the above gifts’ get him Oriflame’s North for Men Fairness Soap Bar and Fairness Face Cream. No more application of other floral types of products, he is going to own his own brand like a boss just as he is your superhero.

This Father’s Day gift him the best of the things for his better use and at the end of the day, that smile on his face is all you needed to make him special. Decorate your basket with ribbons and you can place a hand-made card or decorative cards into it to make it look more appealing. GET THE BEST OF THE GIFTS FOR YOUR DAD! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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