Fragrance Unlocks Your Forgotten Memories

Fragrance Unlocks Your Forgotten Memories

Every perfume is unique. And every  memory we create, enjoy and cherish the whole life through perfumes or fragrance are also unique. As scents and memories are linked it doesn’t matter what a fragrance relate to. It can be sensual and addictive, indulgent and relaxing or joyful and liberative.

I love to experiment and have different scents for different occasions. So I am going to take you over a merry ride to Oriflame’s MEMORIES EAU DE TOILETTE COLLECTION.


Heading for a date night or a warm cosy party, it gives you the perfect charming moment to remember.The heady intensity of new romance is captured perfectly in this oriental-vanillic-fragrance with irresistibly addictive scent of sweet praline. The tempting apricot and captivating rose with the amazing trail of sweet praline will completely make you fall for this. You will also get the appealing charm in yourself because not only you look stunning but also you smell amazing. ( Watch out ladies, you’re going to catch steely glances on you)


Summer styles to summer dates, morning freshness to vacational holidays, don’t you fell like getting Indulgent and Relaxing. Well, then this is it. Escape to the jiff of tropical bliss. Just close your eyes, feel the cocooning scent and the indulgent creamy freshness of coconut milk with floral-watery frangipani, and the delicate oceanice tang of cascalone will make you fell to that blissful area. Application of this,leaves you on a calm and composed state on mind that allows you to keep your mind fresh even  you have been under a great deal of work pressure. ( I am sure, your colleagues are going to be super envious seeing you so calm and fresh)


Flowers are very much appealing and eye-catching to our eyes . You not only feel fresh and blossomed but also joyful and liberating. When you’re in a happy-go-lucky mood, opting for this option serves to be the best. Aromatic blackcurrant, the exhilarating honeyed scent of linden blossom and the refined muskiness of abrette seeds will make you dance into your happy feet into a fresh Spring morning alive with butterflies and sparkling with shared laughter. (Wear  floral kind of outfits to match up to your joyfulness)

Tip from the beauty Advisor- Whenever you’re trying for a fragrance, always spray at the end of your palm area and smell the perfume correctly.

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