How to be a VIP customer

The one who is passionate, one who wants to enhance beauty inside out and wants Oriflame products for self-consumption is a VIP customer. For us, everyone is a VIP customer.
 It is pretty easy to be VIP customer!
All you need to do is to first register yourself as a VIP customer with your Name, Address and Mobile Number.
Once you start shopping with Oriflame, you get the special benefits:
Check the Oriflame’s new online catalogue and enjoy the very latest in Oriflame beauty and care. Drag the slider for a quick overview and check the products you wish to purchase. Grab you favorite products.
Now comes the special benefit! With every product ordered there are fixed Bonus Points assigned. Oriflame adds the Bonus Points from your personal order and the total Bonus Points that you gather within a month, determine the benefits you would receive on the purchase of products.
Participate in the amazing Welcome Program on purchase of products. On completion of 100 BP on the purchase of products in your first month in Oriflame you qualify for Welcome Program 1 Gift. On completion of 100 BP on the purchase of products in your second month you qualify for Welcome Program 2 Gift and on Completion of 100 Bonus Points in your third month you qualify for Welcome Program 3 Gift.
Check the Welcome Program on our website and get to know about the exciting benefits.

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