Hello Beauties,

We all love to look pretty and stylish. Oh! Wait which girl doesn’t want to. It is in us of being elegant and classy, not only through make up but also through the whole of your outlook. Well let’s not bore you with these formal talks, tag a glee to your face because we are up with the SPIRIT COLLECTION.  A Splash of YOU! It’s a part of who you are.

Oriflame has introduced the SPIRIT COLLECTION. It brings out the best, bold and vivacious within you. Oriflamme has highlighted eye-catchy bag collections and we are sure you are bound to fall in love with it. Let’s have a look through the amazing collections;

  1. Spirit Flap Bag

Getting ready for a party, may be a cocktail or a girl’s night out, get hold of this trendy Flap bag. It just goes with your performed look. It’s trendy and adds to your smartness. It comes with a silver black sling (that’s just a perfect length to carry) and the unique design in black and purple goes with your Western outfit well.

  1. Spirit Day Bag

This black and purple handbag blends in well with their color combination. This bag will not only go with your formal attire but you can also pair with up with your casual outfits. It has two-short handles and a detachable, long sling handle. So you can wear it both ways whichever look you feel goes with your attire. There is also an interior zip divider, additional zip pocket inside.

  1. Spirit Tote Bag

Bright and trendy, this oversized bag is a perfect combination of abstract pattern in a smart design. Its double-sided feature allows for maximum customization making it easy to match with trendy outfits.

Now good news for you. Guess what? You can get all the bags at a very low price which you never would have imagined. It’s a sponsor offer. All you need to do is, invite 2 people to qualify for WELCOME PROGRAM STEP 1 and in return, you get the SPIRIT FLAP BAG valued at Rs. 1799 for Rs.200! If you want the SPIRIT DAY BAG & FLAP BAG valued at Rs.3998 for Rs.200, invited 3 people to qualify for WELCOME PROGRAM STEP 1. And the biggest offer, invite 5 people to qualify for WELCOME PROGRAM STEP 1 and in return, you get the SPIRIT TOTE, DAY BAG &FLAP BAG valued at Rs.6497 for Rs.200!

The campaign period lasts till 31st Mau, 2017. HURRY! Grab your favorite SPIRIT COLLECTION at an amazing price.


  1. Participation in this offer is voluntary. By choosing to participate in this offer, the participant hereby confirms that he/she has studied these detailed terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by the same.
  2. The qualification period for the Offer is valid from 24th April to 31st May, 2017.
  3. Only those Sponsors who support new Consultants/VIP Customers, who join Oriflame during the qualification period & complete Welcome Program step 1 during the qualification period are eligible for this Offer under Sponsor Program.
  4. Offer valid in Multiples of 5 only.
  5. Oriflamme reserves the right to substitute the Sponsor Program Products for other similar products/Oriflame Products of equal or higher value in the event of out of stock situation.
  6. The decision of Oriflame as to qualification to the offer shall be final, binding and con-contestable.
  7. Every person who desires to avail this Offer may do so pursuant to independent enquiry, investigation and analysis and shall not have any claim to Oriflame, its members, or other companies, vendors whatsoever by reason of any loss which may be suffered by such person consequent to or in connection with this offer whether by reason of anything stated or omitted to stated herein.
  8. The image of SPIRIT DAY BAG, TOTE BAG & FLAP BAG shown is only illustrative in nature and actual model, specification and color may vary
  9. This Offer shall be withdrawn immediately from the qualifying sponsor in case of violation of any terms and conditions of Consultant Application Form, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, and such other communication as may be made by the Company from time to time. Any benefit received inadvertently or due to technical glitch will be recalled/ adjusted for/ charged to the consultant as per Oriflame’s discretion.
  10. In case any order is negated during the Qualification Period till the First Week of C6, 2017, such a consultant shall not be considered for the purpose of Offer qualification.
  11. The Sponsors shall have to enter their sponsor benefit codes in special section on website while placing an order online in C6’17 above the handling limit.
  12. These Terms and conditions shall be governed by the Indian law and jurisdiction shall remain at New Delhi.

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