The Monsoon’s Make-Up Look

The Monsoon’s Make-Up Look

Hello beauties,

It’s been long time since I updated any of the look-book. As monsoon has arrived, I’ve thought of sharing the look with you. Well after the sultry and the worse humidity, monsoon seems like the golden relief. Monsoon seems to have a calm effect on your skin after all the burning sensations you had during the summers. Personally, I feel seasonal make up look is very important. Why to opt for a same monotonous look, when you can flaunt your looks and your beauty in so many different ways. As the monsoon has arrived, the makeup looks comes with some Pro’s and Con’s. Rain can melt up your make up or can ruin the wonderful eye look that you have created. If you wish to let your make up stay and last longer without any drowning of your beautiful look, then your problem is solved in this blog.

Before this we need to know what type of makeup suits the best for all skin types this Season?

Makeup Look:


To create the Matte look and also to have a glow on the face at the same time, using a primer is the key important thing. A Primer must be selected to provide for a good base for the foundation. Apply The One IlluSkin Face Primer to create the perfect base for your beautiful look. This primer evens out your skin tone, minimizes the appearance of your pores. As it has got HaloLight Technology, it helps to give a natural glow to your face.

Face care

After the application of the primer, select for a good foundation that lasts longer. This season has the possibility of ruining makeup, so you should always apply lightweight foundation that blends evenly with your skin tone. The One IlluSkin Foundation suits the best for this type of season especially. Apply this foundation properly on your face. This gives a natural glow with a satin texture. Thus, the foundation doesn’t look heavy on your skin and maintains your normal skin glow. It also has moisturizing property that helps your skin feel non-greasy.

Face Make-Up

If you have dark circles still visible, try The One IlluSkin Concealer. Just take a small amount onto the area and pat into the skin using a firm brush or your fingertip until perfectly blended. Once done, set the whole look with a powder to make it intact. Use the Pure Colour Compact Power. This has an amazing coverage and gives a wonderful matte glow.

Face Care


Let your eyes do the talking with your winged liner. Before doing the winged liner, go for a light coloured matte eye shadow. Blush and blend smoothly on your eye surface area. Do not go true dark colours. Once you’re done, opt for the Pure Colour Eyeliner to make the perfect winged liner.

Eye care

  • Start from the inner corner of your eye and work towards the outer side.
  • Keep your eyelid as flat as possible to maintain a proper line.
  • From the outer side, stroke a line diagonally.
  • Angle the wing outward.
  • Make a straight line from the tip to the middle of your eyelid.
  • And make it bolder by joining the line towards the outer side of your eyes.
  • Fill in the eyeliner as close to the eyelashes as possible to avoid gaps of skin peeking through. The idea is to blend your eyelashes into the eyeliner. And your winged liner is drawn perfectly.

Eye care

This look will perfectly blend in with your matte finish. You can also create dramatic eye looks if you want. So “Wing your eyeliner. It’s your life. Your Eyeliner. Everything”. If you want to do perceive the matte look winged liner goes the best.


Lip colour is an essential part of your makeup. As I mentioned earlier, this season’s look is matte, classic and bold. So to opt for that classy and look, use Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick. It has various matte finish colours which you can try out. Not only the colours are super bold and classy but also they stay for a longer period of time. And still if you want to completely make the look matte without any shine or gloss, just dab some baby powder over a tissue onto your lips. View your whole look, I’m sure you are gonna fall head over heels in love with yourself.

Lip care


Do not leave your hair open during monsoons. Tie it up in a neat bun and use hair accessories instead to accentuate your look. You may even want to learn different types of braiding just to look more fashionable and chic.

Hair care

So now you know that Monsoon Season can bring wonders for your look. A special tip to you for this rainy season, do not wear dark colours or heavy jewelries. Wear washable cloths which are not to clingy to the skin, go for minimal jewelry. If you still want to adapt new styling share your looks with me or mention it to me. Fill up the form and get a new chance for your styling and beauty career. Go classy, stay Independent and flaunt your looks.

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