Nutrishake is a perfect nutritional shake to start your day .

Nutrishake is a perfect nutritional shake to start your day .

Hello beauties,

Coming to everyday life, the most important aspect that we suffer from is weight gain. Thus what is necessary is exercise. But is that all that you need? Of course, exercise helps you stay fit and fine. To stay healthy and fantastic, Oriflame has brought to you’re a new set of their wellness products. This nutritional shake is more effective for the people who are suffering weight issues. Oriflame’s Swedish scientists have developed Nutrishake to completely fit into the lifestyle system. They offer you with safe, long-lasting and weight management results.

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Today I am going to share a delicious as well as healthy recipe made with Nutrishake. You will get Nutrishake Product in two amazing flavors – strawberry and vanilla. Fruit is an important source for your healthy lifestyle. So what I thought is why not combine fruits into a delicacy shake.

Orange & Yoghurt Shake

Orange & Yoghurt Shake

The main ingredients that you need for this healthy shake are:

  • One Orange
  • ¼ tbs Cup Yoghurt
  • 2tbs of Frozen Orange Juice Concentrated (Optional)
  • ¼ tbs of Vanilla Extract
  • 4 Ice Cubes
  • 1 scoop of Nutrishake PowderOrange & Yoghurt Shake

All you have to do is mix and blend all the ingredients properly into the mixer grinder until its smooth. You can have it chilled.  You can even have crushed walnut toppings.

The Nutrishake is awesome in taste. With no smell of proteins and vitamins, you will feel like you are having a new drink from a coffee parlour. It not only helps you in balancing of your weight but also increases your energy and concentration level. You can have it in between your meals. It is also a great shake to have when you are hungry or low on diet.

Start your everyday now with a burst of goodness. Try out the recipe and enjoy your new homemade shake. Just follow an active lifestyle with nutritious diet and daily consumption of dietary supplements. Nutrishake is a perfect nurtritional shake to boost up your wellness and health.

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