Oriflame’s Pure Skin Care Daily Range is worth to buy

Oriflame’s Pure Skin Care Daily Range is worth to buy

Hello beauties,

Well, my today’s blog post is about Oriflame’s Pure Skin Care Daily Range which is worth to buy or not. I know this summer is causing too much of tanning and impurities on the skin which is harmful to the teenagers growing sensitive skin. Today I am up with a product review on Oriflame’s Pure Skin Care Daily Range.

Oriflame says: “Featuring Salicylic Acid. Detect Technology featuring Salicylic Acid seeks, detects and targets bacteria and controls sebum production to deliver shine-free, clear skin with fewer imperfection.”


                                         MY TAKE ON THE PRODUCT

The daily care range includes 3 products – Purifying face wash, Refreshing face toner, and Mattifying face lotion. The best thing about the product being they all contain natural Pomegranate and Guava extract. The Pomegranate’s astringent and antioxidant properties help to purify and tone your skin, for a fresh and healthy-looking complexion. Guava’s calming, exfoliating, and astringent and antioxidant benefits to soothing your skin and reduce surface shine and calm blemishes.


  1. Purifying Face Wash

    The new and improved version of the face wash has many beneficiaries. The packing of the face wash is eye-catchy and even the blending of colors has a more soothing effect. Coming to the product, this face wash has a good take on the oily and combined skin. It not only cleans impurities from your face but also purifies your skin. An instant glow on the face is understandable as well as it mattifies your skin without drying out or doesn’t leave a rough surface on your skin.

  2. Refreshing Face Toner

    The new look of the face toner is pretty appealing. The best property about the toner is that, this removes the last traces of impurities,dirtand oil. Not only it helps in cleaning of your skin but also prevents blemishes, tightens pore and reduces their size.

  3. Mattifying Face Lotion

    It has the same packing as the face wash just the blending of colors is distinguished in the products. Post application of the tones, the face lotion moisturizes your skin adding asi nstant glow to your face. Having the oil-free formula, it keeps your skin clear and smooth.


Tip from the beauty consultant- Get Flawless Skin with this amazing product. Specially made for the teenage generation, girls, you are bound to fall in love with the product. Post use, just apply minimal make-up and you can see the natural glow on your face.

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