Get Flawless Skin in just 1 min a day with SkinPro Cleansing System

Get Flawless Skin in just 1 min a day with SkinPro Cleansing System

Hello beauties,

It’s time for something new. Today I am going to blog about how to use Oriflame’s Skin Pro Cleansing system. The first thing comes to your mind is it really necessary to have cleansing machine to clean your face? Well to clear your doubts, I am going to let you about how does it work and why is it effective for using.

Now firstly we should know of why using a Facial cleansing Brush is effective? This is so because skin care products work perfectly post deep cleansing. Using a face wash along with the cleansing machine removes cleanses your face better than hand application. Reduces pore size because pores are noticeable when they have sebum or dirt in them. It improves circulation to the surface of the skin giving you a glowing complexion and strengthens the skin’s structure. It also reduces blackheads and blackouts.

What is in the box?


  • The Cleansing Device
  • Normal Brush Head
  • A Brush Head Cover
  • A stand where the device can be kept
  • Travel Pouch
  • Two pencil batteries
  • Along with this you get the booklet where the descriptions are given on how to use the product, and the best results that you will see post its usage.





How to use SkinPro Cleansing System?


  • At first attach the brush with the cleansing machine along with the batteries on.
  • At the back of the machine you will find two buttons, one is a pre timing button where you can set the timing for around 1min and post that it stops.
  • Another button is the speed controller button which you can use as per your choice.
  • Next you need to moisten the brush so that it becomes soft to use
  • Now apply your favorite cleanser to your face
  • Now clean your skin by moving the device in circular motion for 1 minute. (Ideally you should spend 10-15 seconds around the cheek area)









  • And finally rinse your face thoroughly.


Extra tip from the Beauty Consultant-

Replace the brush head every 3 months! And there you have it, an easy quick way to radiant and pure skin.Using SkinPro Cleansing System will bore you great results with a fortnight. You will yourself able to feel the difference on your skin post usage. It’s a must have for everyone who wishes to have clear smooth skin without visiting the parlor every fortnight. So do your research and have a look on this amazing device and if you have any further queries you can always get in touch with me through my website details.


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