Smokey Eye Tutorial

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hello beauties,

As monsoon hunts the look for go bold and stay classy, I thought of sharing with you today a bold eye look. Coming to bold eye look, the one thing that comes to your mind is smokey eye. Well , then you guessed that right. I would be making it more easier for you to do a smokey eye within minutes. Let’s have a look,


To make your Smokey eyes last longer, it is very important for create a perfect base. Nothing could be more pathetic than a smokey eye that smears and tends to contract into fine lines. To perfectly set up your eye-look, gently pat some primer. Do it over your eye-lids as well as under your eyes. This is to make sure that your makeup lasts longer.

Smokey Eye


Going for a smokey look is way more beautiful. But creating the look with dark circles on, is a big NO NO! So to add to the beauty, concealer and loose power is very much necessary. To counterbalance, any shadow under your eyes, use for  a Creamy concealer over aaand eye your eyes. Blend it well with your ring finger. Use a fluffy brush and a translucent powder on the under eye-area. The power is loosen up the excess particles while you beautify your eyes. The excess powder can be wiped off with a tissue. That’s how it is called, perfection to beauty.

Smokey Eye


Select a dark eyeshadow color according to your skin tone. I would personally suggest you to brush your eyes with dark brown color and then with black tone. So blend the shadow from your lashes to the crease of your eyes. It is not compulsory to use blackfor smokey eyes. You can also opt for darker tones like gray or dark blue.

Smokey Eye


The smudge look is not possible without a O-tip brush. As you need to perfectly blend the color to your eye. Just lightly smudge the shadow with the O-tip brush at the crease and the bottom lashes.

Eye smudge


This is the most important part of your Smokey look. Use The ONE High Impact Eye Pencil aand outline your eyes. This eye pencil has a perfect soft and smooth texture that creates no fuss in lining your eyes at one go.

Smokey Eye


If you want to enhance your eyes more eloquently, then use a highlighter pencil. Just blend a shimmery highlighter along your brow-bone and over the inner V-corner of your eyes.

And there you go, the perfect Smokey look is done. Flaunt your look in your way with either by a nude lipstick shade or with a lip gloss. Let me know, how your friends and mates complemented your desired look!


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