Tips to use Hair Mousse for instant volume for hair

Tips to use Hair Mousse for instant volume for hair

Hello beauties,

Well, I have been wondering of blogging on some styling tips related to hair. I have seen many of the women who always are in a mess when it comes to styling their hair. So today basically, I am going to guide to steps on using the Orfilame’s HairX Volume Boost Styling Hair Mousse. Volume Boost Styling Hair Mousse gives an instant volume to your hair. It is not sticky, no residue formula promotes natural movement.

Before going on to the steps, we know the importance of hair mousse in every girl’s life. The plus point here with the product is it comes along with Keratin formulas. Keratin is the main protein naturally found in your hair. It provides strength, elasticity, and protection to your hair. Using of hair mousse, not only will help in keeping your curls intact but also improves hair texture.


  1. To attain the voluminous hair, always apply the mousse on clean, damp hair. Your hair should be wet before you apply the hair mousse. You do not have to wet your hair just the state should be damp. You can also spray water on your hair to dampen it.
  2. The next step is to apply the mousse. Keep in mind that you always need to start applying from the root of your hair, then to the tips. If you are finding it a bit messy, there is an alternative to it. Apply the mousse onto a paddle brush for even distribution.
  3. At first to make it easier, section your hair. Then shake the can and hold it vertical. Spray some at the root of one section. Then with your fingers evenly distribute throughout your hair. Your can also you a wide-toothed comb to distribute it evenly.
  4. Continue the process till the hair sections have been covered evenly with the mousse. Finally, comb the hair using a gentle brush.The final step is to dry the moussed hair. This will help in achieving the volume in the hair. So, at first set the blow dryer to low. Then tilt your head sideways. Then blow dry your hair in a small circular motion. Use a paddle brush to give volume to the hair.
  5. Tip from the beauty consultant- The best hack is to gather most of the top hair and then tie it with a clip on top of the head. Then pull a section of hair from the bottom and blow dry it while combing with a round brush. Continue drying sections of hair till all of them are dried completely. The brushing while blow drying will create volume and will also make your hair shiny.

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